Over 65% of people have curly hair.

what type are you?

types of curly hair

Type 1

As you can see, that’s not us, or us pretending we have type 1 hair with the continual use of hair straighteners.

Type 2

2a,2b,2c. These curls are a a lazy ‘s’ shape. the curl pattern is non uniform and inconsistent. for example – wavy in the middle but flat at top on the crown.

this type lacks hydration

Type 3

A ,3b,3c. The classic curls. These curls are consistent and has a defined ‘s’ shape from roots to ends of hair. this type we are prone to frizz and the curls can be tighter when cut shorter. Dehydration or damage( heat, colour) can damage the hair pattern making it more of a looser curl.

Need hydration at all times.

Type 4

4a,4b,4c. Corkscrew curls, very small curl pattern, the ringlets tend to be fine and lightweight hair. Humidity can cause havoc with our hair and hair tends to expand and lose the tight curl. Strong density tight curls are prone to frizz and can easily be damaged. Prone to shrinkage and appears dense but in actual fact it’s very delicate and fine.

Look after them !!

Now you know the type of curls you have you can have more of an understanding of how do deal with them

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