I always begin with a thorough consultation. This is key to any type of hairdressing.

I want to know about you and your curls and your routines. I listen to you, offer professional advice but also listen to your needs, and your advice too as the curls are yours and you live with them! If you have pictures, please bring them with you, just be realistic and close to your hair type


A cut with me is a bespoke service.

I cut hair dry, cutting curl by curl, with no comb, only scissors, no thinning scissors are used.

“We don’t wear our hair wet so why do we cut it wet?” – Lorraine Massey.


I cleanse with curly girl friendly products using only the best for your curls, without sulphates, silicones and parabens.

The main purpose of this is to hydrate the hair, curly hair NEEDS hydration.


As a bespoke service, we dry hair or leave to air dry, or a bit of both.

– – – –

Curl Coaching Session

Offering a coaching session, all the above without the cut. This is a good introductory session and an opportunity to see your curls potential without going near scissors.

– – – –


Please arrive with cleansed dry detangled hair with no products, or just small amount of conditioner on hair. Do not have your hair in a bun or ponytail. I need to see the curls in their natural pattern. Please DO NOT use oils on the hair. This can act as a barrier.

** there will be a surplus charge of detangling £15 per 10 minutes, please make sure extreme knots are detangled**

Please be realistic, every head of hair is different, curls take a while take on length, sometimes it’s a working progress.